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Now I'm serious.

There are a lot of expressions used by English people.

I assume Argentina will beat Turkey.


Are we good to go?

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Ethan filtered the water.

It is doubtful whether he will pass.

This isn't a coincidence.


My friend's condition is very serious.


We have to dispose of the land.

It's like being in a candy store.

Rudy doesn't have forks or knives. He eats everything with spoons.

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The manual is in Spanish only.

He was talking as he walked.

I didn't speak with Stephe.

Cory had his hands cuffed behind him.

Don't be surprised. You know very well what I'm talking about.

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Also, I am not a fan of the cafeteria food.


Time is more precious than anything else.

Dan said he could sleep in the basement.

Let's see how things develop.

Vampires are allergic to sunlight.

Is this my seat or yours?


It's pretty convincing.


Why didn't you come earlier?

I'll be back within a couple of hours.

I don't care to see more than one bottle of prosecco a year.


Does anybody have a match?

I'd do it all over again.

I wonder how Casey learned French.

If anyone has a better suggestion, let's hear it.

She waited for a taxi.

I'm part of the committee that's looking into that problem.

The war was very unpopular, so recruitment of new soldiers became difficult.

I am weak in German.

What you say makes absolutely no sense to me.

I can't afford it right now.

The lunch is on the table.

What passions cannot music raise or quell?

I would very much like to go.

They never came back.

My father is busy.

He sometimes wished to go to extremes.

Maria took the eggs one after another from the egg carton.

Can the price be discounted?

By the 27th century, weather and climatic control became perfected.

Is your head full of straw?

Jackye chose to ignore what Belinda said.

He had to contend against physical suffering.

I went to Paris.

I could not make up my mind out of hand.

Elizabeth took his seat.

Who left this mess in the toilet?

You didn't tell Felix where Tad is, did you?

Why don't we do something else?

Bret is on the phone right now.


Today was the school closing ceremony for 2008.

Peel and dice the onions.

I thought you had all the answers.

There was a fine scent in the room.

My rusty Ford broke down, obstructing the intersection.


I want to know how this happened and why.

You should be home.

How are you going? I haven't seen you for a long time.

I know some students in that school.

I want to be like Picasso.

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He hurried so as to be in time for the train.

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Mark is the tallest man I know.

It looks like your hard disk is fragmented.

Mariou didn't have a ticket.


The bird spread its wings.

I told him to meet me here.

Are you a prisoner?

I was a bit emotional.

I couldn't be happier for the two of you.

He is too tall to stand straight in this room.

Franklin doesn't hold a grudge.


She looked pensive.

As the weather became colder, he went from bad to worse.

Do you know if Kieran was involved?


Don't you need help?

Black clouds announced the coming thunderstorm.

Selling unnecessary stuff is fraudulent and immoral.


I'll play it safe.

That is what you get!

I know that he set them all against me.

We're going to watch the game together.

I can't believe Annie still talks with you.

Sanand sure impressed my parents.

Don't you think it's rude to give people such a curt reply like that?

Emily is drinking cola.

Insects are very nutritious and a good source of protein.

He can predict the future.

I cannot wring this carpet by myself.

Terri said he didn't know why Norman wanted to break up with him.

The population of Tokyo is larger than that of Osaka.

I will help you if I have finished my work by four.

You've been following me. Why?


Do you want her to help you?


Can I open the curtain?

When answering this question, some people might put forward this kind of example: "Chinese people are very hospitable, whilst English people are more reserved."

Destiny is sometimes cruel.

I won't be able to tell you about what happened.

"Hello." "..." "Are you on guard duty again today?" "Yes." "You don't talk much, right?" "No. ...Listen, I am a samurai. People expect noble reservation and iron self-discipline of me. That just leaves no room for small talk..."

Murthy agreed to this.

I felt my heart beating wildly.


That was hard to believe.


This is the first time I've ever found a coin purse.

That was our goal.

Excuse me, how much is this sweater?

The canal can accommodate ships as large as 150,000 dead weight tons.

I know what those guys want.


Ai sat down beside me.

She walked past him without even noticing him.

He walked about the streets.

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I'll leave Boston tonight.


He is illiterate.

He got a better score than us.

The rational is simple.

Harv didn't mean to do it.

Another mistake, and he will be fired.

I wonder how Cris will ever manage to pay for such an expensive wedding.

May I smoke?

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Hiroyuki picked up the paper and read what was on it.

Pia wanted you to see it right away.

Knut and Travis cleaned up after the party.

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What are you drinking, white or red?

Repetition is the father of learning.

Spyros has had good role models.

She felt that something was missing, something the universe wanted her to do.

Graham motioned for Wade to sit.

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In the midst of this, it is IT that has made great progress.

When was the last time you had something to drink?

We all have to die.

The notice says, "Keep off the grass".

Bob told me that you like to eat spicy food.

We should discuss this in private.

Who gave him that recipe book?

She was reluctant to reveal her secret.

I wish we'd had time to visit you while we were in Boston.

Those two men sneaked into the house and were seen by someone.

Lemon tea without sugar, please.

You don't even know us.

The cattle starved to death.

I suggest that the meeting be postponed.

I think that can be arranged.

She switched off the computer.

Everything stays the same.

It was the worst day of my life.

Good things come when you least expect it.

I know Mikey but not Romain.

That was pretty big.

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He wrote a sentence on the paper, but I didn't understand the sentence.

You do understand me, don't you?

When he saw me, he raised his hat and greeted me.


I'll meet them there.


I miss talking with Cole.

Nhan has a toothache.

My mother passed away recently.

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They missed the deadline.

I'll need to check my schedule.

The police are looking for both of us.

Whatever you like.

This scarf is Jacqueline's.

I thought it might be a good idea for us to get together and talk about it.

I'm not asking you to do anything illegal.


We're reliable.